Why Work For Language Connect?


Moe Ghazal, Operations Manager, Dubai

“Language Connect is an enormously rewarding place to work. The friendly and supportive culture encourages development of skills and provides unlimited opportunities for people showing potential, loyalty, hard work and adherence to company values.”


Hayley Warden, Translation Project Manager, London


“I started as an intern 2.5 years ago and I’m now a project manager, managing some large key accounts and training junior members of staff. Every day I develop and learn new skills. I look forward to more exciting prospects in the future.”


Caridad Durak, Account Manager, Business Development, London


“Working at Language Connect gives me the freedom to achieve my goals. In the 2 years I have worked here I have been given the guidance, tools, support and responsibility to ensure I keep improving and learning. Joining Language Connect was the best decision I ever made.”

We Help Businesses Succeed In A Global Market

Language Connect is a truly international workplace with amazing, varied and demanding clients to keep you on your toes and evolve your skills.

Whatever your role — from intern to director — it’s important to feel motivated and challenged. We invest heavily in training and personal development to help us all achieve our very best as individuals and as a team.

Effective communication aids collaboration and mutual support, so we’re always developing new ways to share ideas and learn from each other across countries and departments. We also share our experience and knowledge across our industry and the wider community.

Strong company values of collaboration and support — and our can-do attitude — make Language Connect a vibrant and exciting community to be part of. That is reward in itself, but we also offer a competitive package that includes additional recognition for a job well done.

If you want to join an award-winning, inspiring company that celebrates success across the whole organisation, take a look at the current vacancies below. For speculative applications, send your CV and a cover letter to [email protected]

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Current Vacancies

Europe (London)


  • Localisation Project Support – APAC

    We are now looking for an experienced Localisation Project Support to assist our Operations Team in APAC with quality assurance and file processing. This is a freelance work with a steady project flow and can be carried out from remotely from home, therefore we are flexible with the location....

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    Linguist Vacancies

    Languages continually evolve and we require our translators to use their target language daily. Where appropriate, we give priority to translators who are based in a country where their target tongue is spoken as an official language.


    • Linguistic ability: perfect command of the target language, to mother tongue standard or equivalent, plus thorough knowledge of at least one other language
    • Education: completion of a full university degree course, not necessarily in languages
    • Translation experience: At least 2,000 pages* with two professional references
    • Industry expertise: relevant university-level education and/or professional translation experience (at least 1,000 pages)

    *(one year’s full-time work with one page = 1,500 characters, excluding spaces)

    If you can demonstrate that you fulfil the above requirements, please email us.


    • Linguistic ability: perfect command of the target language either of mother tongue standard or equivalent plus thorough knowledge of at least one other language
    • Education: completion of a recognised interpreting course
    • Interpreting experience: 50 interpreting hours
    • Court, conference or other specialist interpreting: relevant previous experience and accreditation

    If you can demonstrate that you fulfil the above requirements, please email us.

    Voiceover Linguist:

    • Linguistic ability: native command of the required language demonstrated in a sample recording
    • Previous experience: preferable

    If you can demonstrate that you fulfil the above requirements, please email us.

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