The Language of Web Content (Infographic)

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New users of the Internet predominately come from non-English speaking regions increasing the requirement for multilingual content online. Internet giants like Yahoo have begun offering content in greater numbers of foreign languages to cater for this new phase of growth. The aim is to boost usage rates amongst web users who are more comfortable with local languages.

As the development of a multilingual web picks up pace, we look at the current language availability of web content in our new infographic. The image shows the percentage of languages supported on the one million most visited websites globally. Some websites provide content in multiple languages while others are restricted to one language only.

Click on the image to launch a larger version of it in a separate window.

WebContent Infographic The Language of Web Content (Infographic)

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The image shows the percentage of each language found on the top one million websites. The source data comes from Web Technology Surveys. Further information on their analysis can be found here.

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