Top Languages on the Internet

Find out which languages have the largest user base on the internet.

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The Growth of Turkey

Turkey’s success is down to its economic focus on ‘service’ rather than agriculture.

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Mastering Multilingual Twitter Engagement

Multilingual social media engagement will almost certainly grow in the coming years.

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New users of the Internet predominately come from non-English speaking regions increasing the requirement for multilingual content online. Internet giants like Yahoo have begun offering content in greater numbers of foreign languages to cater for this new phase of growth. … Continued

In today’s plugged-in, on-demand world, social media has been credited as one of the key drivers of global connectivity. The rise of social media and its impact on political, economic and social spheres has been hard to ignore in any part of … Continued

With the world’s largest manufacturing base and a burgeoning middle class, China’s rise to the top in e-commerce is inevitable. U.S. dominance of the e-commerce market is close to being dislodged by China whose online shoppers (currently 145 million) are … Continued

At a technical level, the Internet was not adept at supporting multiple languages initially, but the rapid growth of languages on the Internet has paved the way for a truly multilingual web. The increased use of languages online is being facilitated … Continued

Twitter recently announced that their social networking service is now available in five new languages bringing the total number of available languages to 17. Users can now tweet in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Hindi, Filipino and Malay. Twitter’s announcement also … Continued