Top Languages on the Internet

Find out which languages have the largest user base on the internet.

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The Growth of Turkey

Turkey’s success is down to its economic focus on ‘service’ rather than agriculture.

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Mastering Multilingual Twitter Engagement

Multilingual social media engagement will almost certainly grow in the coming years.

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How language and love are uniting Koreans With Valentine’s Day upon us, what can the language of love tell us about the character of a nation? The Korean language reveals the quixotic passion of its people. “Sarang-eui himuro” translates as … Continued

An evolving language in an evolving world A recent article in the Financial Times discussed the nuances of American vs. British English and the friction that can arise from the different application of phrasing, grammar and frequent sports-related references.  Whereas … Continued

Working in the MINT countries – a Language Connect perspective It came as little surprise when Turkey was named in the group of countries next predicted to be the economic giants of the future by economist Jim O’Neill. Coined MINTs, … Continued

It’s Quizmas time! In the name of all things festive, Language Connect has put together an Advent Calendar challenge to offer you the chance to win a brand new iPad Mini – just in time for Christmas. “Not another long-winded … Continued

Nicholas Ostler, a linguist and author who earned his stripes in the language world studying at Oxford’s Balliol College, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has recently published his much-awaited book The last Lingua franca: English until the return … Continued