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Language Connect delivers efficient Text, Voice, Digital and Branding solutions to a range of clients across multiple industries.

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Translation Management Portal


Do you have a document or written content that you need translated into another language?

Perhaps you have an idea of the kind of written communication you want to present to international markets but are unsure of where to start?

No problem. Our team consists of copywriters, translators, proofreaders and specialist terminologists. We boast a portfolio of service offerings to compliment your business strategy.

Think ‘Text’ is the service for you?


Providing fast, accurate translation services in over 150 languages.


Adapting your content to suit local market conventions correctly.

Proof Reading

We verify content, improve style and ensure clarity of text.


Our multi-lingual transcribers create accurate records of the spoken word.

Desktop Publishing

Accurately translating and editing text to preserve design layout and artwork.

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Global Voice Services



Do you require an interpreter for a meeting or conference?

Perhaps you’re involved in online broadcast media for an international audience?

Our voice-based language solutions cater for a wide range of situations and purposes. We work with a highly skilled team of interpreters, voice artistes, producers and engineers to deliver professional quality voice services in any of our 150 languages.


Language interpreting for live events either on-site, online or over the telephone.

Audio Translation

Audio to speech translations in analogue or digital format.

Foreign Voice Overs

Experienced voice over artistes available for all types of recording.

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Multilingual SEO logo

Multilingual SEO

The Internet opens us all up to a global market, whether we intentionally target potential customers overseas or not.Content has to be optimized for non-domestic visitors.

Our digital services enable brands to extend their reach through online content. We enhance visibility and engagement with a foreign language audience.

Get ahead of the competition. Speak to our digital team today to grow your global online presence.


Social Media Localization

Online engagement and media monitoring are vital to organisational success in our increasingly globalized corporate environment; the developing world is moving online!

The popularity of social networks in particular is profound, with 3 out of every 4 active internet users visiting social networks and blogs.

Get ahead of the competition. Our digital team can help you to grow and enhance your online presence.

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brand consulting logo

International Brand Consulting

Language Connect is the first translation company to offer a unique consultancy service for the localization of international brands.

We utilise our vast resources of experienced linguists to provide our clients with the brand localization guidelines to help develop a correct brand identity in foreign markets.

Our International Brand Consulting helps brands make the right impact on expansion into their target markets.