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Language Connect provides an audio translation service in over 150 different languages.

Audio translation is more analogous to interpreting than translation.

How does it work?

Language Connect’s native linguists will listen to your original recording and then translate and record directly onto audio in your chosen language.

This process is much quicker than written translation and can therefore be preferable in a number of situations, namely:

  • Market Research studies – focus group and in-depth interviews can generate verbose transcripts (often tens, if not hundreds of thousands of words long). Our audio translation service allows you to fully understand what is being said by the respondent/s at a fraction of the cost of transcription
  • Online broadcast media – webcasts, presentations and conference recordings are examples of how audio translation can give the effect of simultaneous interpreting

There are also situations where audio translation should not be used, such as:

  • Where line-by-line translation is required for audio. This is a different service called ‘dubbing’
  • Where a professional sound recording is required for general broadcast and distribution. A voice-over artist in a studio is needed in this instance


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