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Document translation is the most popular service requested from the language services industry.

Our top translators

Language Connect’s global translator network operates across 100 countries, offering expertise in over 150 languages and dialects.

All of our translators are native language speakers and are based in the countries in which their mother tongues are spoken. Each translator has been carefully selected by Language Connect based on their qualifications, translation ability and expertise in key industry fields. They are periodically assessed on their performance using our in-house rating procedure.

As an ISO 9001-accredited (quality management) translation agency, we can guarantee that our language translators are amongst the best in the industry; combining technical expertise with proven linguistic ability.

Our specialisms – tailored to you

Boasting significant, proven experience in professional fields such as legal, marketing, medical, financial and creative copy translations, you can rest assured that we can offer translators possessing specialist expertise in your industry sector.

This means that you can be completely confident that the language translation you receive is not only technically accurate but also closely attuned to your specific requirements.

Our technical know-how enables us to cope with a multitude of non-Latin scripts, delivering accurate translations in languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian. Learn more about how we deal with foreign scripts by visiting our desktop publishing services page.

In addition, we can offer certified translation and notarization for legal or official purposes.

Alternatively, our audio translation service is ideal if all you require is that the translation be in audio, not text.


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