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Language delivery powered by technology

We have a strong network of experts delivering the highest quality services, but that’s only half the story. We also have the technology to take our services, and our clients’ results, to the next level.

This is the era of Content, with billions of words and images viewed around the world every day. Localising your content can ensure your brand is seen and heard in your target market, and technology that combines human and machine translation helps make content localisation simpler than ever.

Language Connect’s investment in TMS, machine translation and AI technology, combined with the skills of our expert global linguists, means we can help you navigate the complexities of producing, managing and updating content, adapting to suit your needs.

Our approach to multilingual content is a practical one, adapting to suit the unique needs of our clients and their specific projects in order to deliver the results they desire. Where time-to-market is a key driver for clients, our ability to work to scale means high volumes can be delivered quickly at the best quality possible.

High volume content translation also needn’t break the bank. Our investment in translation memory and machine technology means your translations budget can stretch further, allowing you to widen high quality content production in new markets.

Our work is developed through clear and efficient workflows that make best use of resources, both human and technological, and most importantly adapt to your needs.

Here are just a few examples of our technology:

  • A totally secure online customer portal that centralises translation management with job tracking and advanced management reporting and analytics
  • Translation management tools including controlled authoring, content management, and multiple file type management
  • Productivity tools such as ‘translation memories’ that use automation to accelerate the translation process and provide cost savings
  • Glossaries to manage the terminologies and specialised content across all languages
  • Machine translation that we tailor, adapt and evaluate in specialist domains
  • Proxy translation delivering automated SEO optimised translation
  • Survey translation solutions for the market research environment to enable fast survey creation, validation and coding
  • Interpreter management, including real-time booking and bespoke online live interpreting platforms

To find out more about how our AI-driven solutions can help you, please reach out to us and a team member will get in touch.

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60% of the adult global online population is facing a screen for the majority of the day. (Ipsos)

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