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Life in the FastTrack 100

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Last week Iwona and I had the pleasure to attend the FastTrack 100 conference, hosted by Richard Branson at his countryside home in Oxfordshire.

The event, now in its 17th year, brings together founders of fast-growing businesses for networking and inspiration to further grow their companies. The venue was inspirational enough, being in the grounds of Richard Branson’s home, a place I’d read about in several of his books and famous for hosting so many of his legendary events to motivate and reward his staff. To be there gave me first-hand experience into the cult-like following behind one of the world’s most known brands and personalities.

The day itself was packed full of talks from business leaders, panel discussions and networking amongst the fellow guests. John Roberts, founder of newly stock market listed company talked about his team’s approach to vision and strategy. I was particularly inspired by his model framed around the famous ads of ‘If Carlsberg did … what would it look like?’, and reverse engineering from that vision.

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