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Bridging the Gap Between Translation and Creativity

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The process of translation doesn’t always need to be a linear approach. Instead, every piece of content can be made completely unique for its intended market thanks to creative input.

This gap between translation and creativity can be difficult to manage to make sure your content is appropriate for the market and context, but also effective and engaging. And when that market is global, with an audience speaking multiple languages across different countries, how can you bridge this gap in the right way?

Direct Translation v Localisation

Sometimes, direct translation is the only appropriate option, for example for the translation of product labels or ingredients lists. Consistency across different locales is key for these types of texts.

Localisation is a more holistic approach to translation that often goes beyond just language – think of it as more of a tweak to tailor content to a specific culture or locale.

Once language has been localised to suit a target market, the concept of localisation can help be applied to so much more than text itself. Other factors that can be localised include:

  • Imagery
  • Website layout
  • Payment options
  • Shipping options
  • Linked social media platforms

Localisation should also be a key part of your organisation’s SEO strategy, helping you to target keywords and search terms across different markets. We explore how a multilingual, localised SEO approach can help boost your brand’s visibility further in this article.

The Important Role of Transcreation

Transcreation sits somewhere in the middle of direct translation and original content creation. Transcreation blends translation with creativity, allowing the translator a degree of creative license when translating text, with the aim to adapt content to suit a particular local audience. For example, transcreation could be used to localise a marketing campaign for a specific locale that needs to retain the key elements and messaging from the original, yet also needs to appeal to a specific audience.

At Language Connect, we work with a team of native-to-market translators across the globe, who are experienced in the transcreation and localisation of content for different locales or even dialects.

When to Let Creativity Reign

Language Connect’s content creation services are designed to help you to make all of your content count, so you can bring your brand to life across all touchpoints and markets. Creating original content can help your organisation to meet different consumer demands and respond to trends across different markets.

This can be done in a managed way in line with your brand’s preferred tone of voice – and if you don’t currently have an established one, we can help you to create one.

Language Connect can also help your organisation to create a style guide – this doesn’t mean you’ll be stifling the level of creativity that goes into your content, but instead managing it in a way that you’re comfortable with. A good style guide can help your brand to maintain its approach to creating authentic content across new markets with a consistent presence.

Commissioning original content can give your organisation greater control over your international SEO strategy. For example, you’ll be able to create content that target the specific keywords you want to rank for across different locales, without having to worry about the mistranslations that word-for-word translation can sometimes bring.

Original content can also allow you to create a more authentic voice across different locales, as nuances and subtle differences in tone could be missed during direct translations. Taking advantage of our content creation services allows you to use the expert perspective of our linguists, who fully understand those nuances that will make your content effective in different markets.

Contact us today to find out more about how the translation services available at Language Connect could support your organisation’s needs.

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