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Getting Social On 2012: Social Media Marketing Is Here To Stay

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If you’re a blogger or website owner and don’t realize by now that social media marketing makes a great impact on search engine optimization, then your site is doomed to failure. Social media marketing is indeed here to stay, which makes 2012 look so promising for all online marketers. This year is going to be very exciting for all web users, techies, and experts. That’s why it’s worth knowing what lies ahead for all of us.

This incredibly advanced digital age makes it possible for all people to acquire all kinds of information, whether they need them or not. With the advent of current and popular social media sites coupled with the availability of different smart phones, it’s not hard to catch up with the latest trends in news, business, fashion, lifestyle, and sports, anymore. The convergence of social media and mobile marketing makes it easy for everyone, especially marketers to do their thing and reap amazing benefits.

Here are some social media marketing trends worth knowing. Take note of these and start adapting to the seemingly prolific ways to do business online:

1. More social media sites will become greatly popular.
If you have been enjoying traffic from popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, then it’s time to improve your game and take advantage of the perks that social-media-site-dwarfs-turned-giants offer. Sites like Google+, Digg, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon are just some of the social media sites to watch out for. You might want to take note of new but steadily rising sites like Pinterest as they are about to take the social media scene by storm too!

2. User preference for rich media like video and images will grow further.
This is one of the reasons for website owners to reinforce the video and image content in their sites. Users’ craving for visually entertaining and stimulating content prompts these social media giants to improve their site features that aim to accommodate this particular need. Why else would YouTube be this popular?

3. On-time, real-time is the way to go.
And because people want to get informed in the soonest possible time, they go for anything and everything that can give them immediate updates. Thus, it would be wise to tap social media sites that allow you to get such perks. It would also be a good idea to add features in your own site that enables your target audience to and current information which will keep them interested and thus a loyal patron of your site and services.

4. Be aware of the many upcoming apps.
Applications on social media giants like Facebook will keep on coming. It will be wise to be on the loop when it happens. Of course, you need to watch out for other websites’ apps too. The trick here is to find the social media sites that best match your needs and maximize the apps they offer.

I told you 2012 will be exciting! This is as good a time as any to start making changes in your site or blog if you haven’t taken advantage of social media marketing yet. Embrace the marketing package that these sites offer. Be ready to work hard towards making this the year of social media marketing victory!

Amanda Dean is an expert for an e-commerce promotional products business and loves reading books and novels.

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