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Global e-Learning growing

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Our work with organisations in all sorts of industries provides us with a fortunate position to see how business trends are evolving in the translation and localisation space. As localisation and internationalisation strategies play a greater importance for our clients we’re seeing those trends start earlier and earlier in their infancy.

Recently we’ve seen a surge in the flow of  requests from clients for the localisation of global e-learning programmes. E-learning makes sense on a lot of levels for organisations with international workforces. It’s a cost-efficient learning medium and, if localised correctly, delivers a uniform training solution across language and culture. As more global organisations engage freelance consultants and incorporate flexible working practices into their HR policies, e-learning further proves its worth.

e-Learning localisation programmes can deliver enormous benefits to organisations who choose to roll them out. Just as a website user is 4x more likely to perform an action if the site is in their native language, an adult educated to university level in a foreign language has only around a quarter of the vocabulary compared to a native speaker. For learning to be truly effective it’s therefore necessary to deliver the programme in the students’ native tongues. Costs can be minimised by following best practice authoring processes, limiting the use of video and using translation technology such as terminology management and translation memory software.

Unlike most industries, the recession and global economic slowdown was favourable for the learning and development sector. Faced with the need to retain skilled workers, organisations  re-assessed their means of imparting knowledge and training for their staff. The fundamental future for e-Learning looks very bright now regardless of how the economic conditions pan out. A recent market research report forecast the e-Learning industry to reach $107.3 billion* in value by 2015 with the primary growth drivers behind its success cited as being cost reductions, flexibility and the needs of dispersed, global workforces. If you are planning global e-learning programmes please get in touch with us via our main contact details to discuss your training objectives for an obligation-free proposal on how we can help.


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