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The top 5 benefits of e-learning translation

The top 5 benefits of e-learning translation [Photo: johnason via iStock]
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E-learning is becoming a more common strategy in businesses across the globe. Allowing people to learn in their time and pace, e-learning takes training away from the classroom and into the modern world. It can be a much more efficient strategy for companies to utilise for many reasons, which is why as many as 70 per cent of firms in the UK now say they make use of this learning method. 

Globally, the e-learning market is worth as much as $107 billion according to eLearning Industry, and this is only expected to grow in years to come, so it's clear that companies are making use of this strategy more and more in the age of technology. But what are the main benefits of e-learning? Here, we take a look at a few of the biggest positives. 

New employees from around the world

Now more than ever before, UK companies are hiring people from across the globe. In fact, a Migration Observatory report shows that as of the start of last year, there were more than six and a half million overseas workers in the UK at companies in every sector imaginable. 

E-learning is a huge benefit to businesses in a world where migration is so commonplace because it allows staff to hit the ground running. If you have well-translated learning materials available in a range of languages, it means you can assign staff training that will be effective as soon as they start in a language that will be most beneficial to them.

Global employment

As well as having people migrating into new countries, it's also true that countries are now outsourcing overseas more than ever before. Whether it's for manufacturing, customer service or any other role, Statistics Brain reports that US companies alone outsourced 2.4 million jobs overseas last year. 

With this such a common practice now, it's important that companies can train their staff around the world in an easy way. It's far more useful to have training materials translated and available as e-learning courses in a variety of languages, rather than having to have someone employed to train staff in each and every country to which you outsource jobs. 

Different learning types

Another benefit that can come from presenting people with e-learning materials rather than dictating to them is that e-learning allows people to work at their pace and learn in a way which benefits them most. 

Culturally, learning is different around the world, and while in the western world we may be used to having someone telling us facts and figures we need to remember, not every country works in the same way, so trying to make everyone learn by the same method can be a negative approach to take. It can be much more beneficial to present people with materials and allow them to work at their pace to learn more effectively. 

Uniform training methods

While people learn in different ways, and this is a fantastic reason to use e-learning, another benefit of this training method is that it allows for uniformity in training both across departments and across the globe. 

In any company, there are rules, safety procedures and general expectations that need to be relayed to all employees. When training coordinators are handed this task, there can be differences in the way they teach and the information they put across, which can cause a lack of uniformity in what staff know, so e-learning is a better method of knowing all members of staff are getting taught the same vital things. 

Financial efficiency

Perhaps the most common reason for companies utilising e-learning is the fact that it can be cheaper to employ this form of learning rather than traditional methods. For example, training people in a global marketplace can involve having to hire training coordinators at various sites worldwide, and this can be a costly investment. 

By way of contrast, setting up online materials that are well translated into different target languages to meet the needs of your staff involves fewer ongoing costs, and as a result, a much smaller impact on your bottom line. 

E-learning has become big business across the world for several reasons. The efficiency, financial benefits and global uniformity that it brings to a company's training strategy is unrivalled by any other method of training, and as a result, it is a sector that is only likely to improve its impact on the employment market for years to come.

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