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Language Connect Supports Cardmedic App for Healthcare Workers

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Clarity in communication is always important, especially between medical professionals and their patients. In the era of COVID-19 this importance is more heightened than ever, with those working on the front line sharing vital information with multiple patients each day. 

When patients are hard of hearing or deaf and when English is not their mother tongue, verbal communication may not always be effective. That’s why Cardmedic was created – an app that provides a series of ‘A-Z Digital Flashcards’ to help healthcare workers wearing PPE to better communicate information and reassurance with their patients in varying situations. 

When the founders of Cardmedic reached out to Language Connect for translation of their flashcard content into six languages, we were excited and grateful for the chance to put our technology and experience at their service to further support the healthcare workers and took on the project pro bono. 200 communication cards were produced in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Polish with over 130,000 words translated.  

Language Connect has worked closely with the NHS and other healthcare services for a number of years, providing interpreters for face-to-face appointments across London and the South East, and we have had a very clear view of the pressures put on our healthcare system throughout the pandemic. We quickly adapted our capacity for face-to-face bookings via telephone and video interpreting, and we wanted to do everything we could to extend our help further.  

Cardmedic has had a fantastic response throughout the pandemic, and the founders even received a commendation from Prime Minister Boris Johnson for their contribution to assisting health workers and patients across the world. As the app gains further momentum, more and more practitioners reach out requesting content for new flashcards, continuously expanding their communication capacity.  

Through our expertise in translation services to the healthcare industry, we are proud to be able to support Cardmedic and the incredible healthcare workers not just in the UK but worldwide by enabling effective communication to patients with hearing impairments and overcoming additional language barriers.  

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