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As one of only 33 economies to grow during the recent GFC, Australia is a real success story–thanks in large part to its exporters. As a frequent attendee of export sector events, I am continually impressed by the government assistance offered to Australia’s dynamic export sector. But at times the sheer number of organizations, consultancies and programs available to Australian Exporters is overwhelming. Thankfully at the recent Import/Export On the Road Seminar Series, participants were provided with a (completed) jigsaw to show how all the government organizations slotted together—phew at last I was able to make sense of it all!

Although I have attended some fantastically informative seminars and shows, I am always a bit surprised that the issue of language is seldom addressed.  Our prime Asian markets are tantalizing to be sure, but they are populated by immense numbers of non-Anglophones. China for example, now our largest export market, is an extremely diverse society linguistically and culturally. The large number of dialects alone, is likely to cause confusion to the novice, and is best addressed by contacting an experienced language provider like Language Connect.  We are happy to advise on every step of the translation process. Often, however, Exporters will only realize their need for language services at the last minute, which can result in undue stress and very tight deadlines. Contacting a language service provider in advance can ease your path to global success.

How does a new (or seasoned Exporter) navigate the often treacherous waters of translation (the written word) or interpreting (the spoken word)? There are many routes to take. I was alarmed recently when a client said he was going to hire his neighbour’s bilingual son for Korean interpreting. Thankfully he called Language Connect instead and avoided the potential dangers of miscommunication. Those first few meetings are not the time for ambiguities, and are the perfect time to show the correct level of respect and professionalism by ensuring you have a trained Interpreter at your side.

Many Australian businesses employ the language skills of their existing staff. Although, asking a bilingual colleague to conduct a translation or interpreting project is common practice, it really is far from ideal.  The level of responsibility placed on someone without the appropriate training and expertise is a risky one, and it is always safest to source a professional.  It is easy to assume that translating is just the swapping of words and phrases from one language to another. If it was only that simple! Professional Translators and Interpreters study for years (often to post-graduate level) and may then hone their skills with research into a number of specialities including: healthcare, legal, mining, manufacturing and more. By contacting an ISO Accredited language provider like Language Connect, you can ensure multilingual requirements are handled by professionals.

So what are the documents that you may need translated?  Well they could include export certificates, food labels, emails, websites, promotional materials, contracts and incoterms (International Commercial Terms). You may require certification for legal reasons, formatting, desktop publishing and other auxiliary services. All things to consider, before you embark on your international venture.

The good news is that you’re not alone. Australian Exporters have the following organizations to assist: Department of Innovation, Industry & Regional Development: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade;  Australian Institute of Export;  FLex Future Leaders in Export; Business Victoria Export Connections;  NSW Department of State and Regional Development; Import Export Show: Trade Australia; China Blueprint;  Think Global;  The NSW Exporters Network; Australian Exporter; Export Finance & Insurance Corp;  Small Business Exporters Network;  Austrade; Export Finance & Finance & Insurance Corp & Language Connect

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