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Helping Brands Go Global

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Language Connect recently showcased a new, innovative range of solutions aimed at helping our marketing partners and clients to go global at Marketing Week Live 2013. As a technology-led company, our focus is on the integration of language services with new or emerging technologies to make the localisation process for marketing content more efficient and simpler to implement. Interactive content demonstrating our new solutions was provided to stand visitors on tablets at Marketing Week Live and can be viewed below:

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In this content we feature the following solutions:

Web Translation Made Easy: The Internet provides an easy access platform to reach a global, multilingual audience. Providing content in the language of potential customers visiting your site can be a significant barrier to reaching international visitors. Our cloud-based proxy solution strips away much of the technical complexity involved with translating websites to allow you to add multiple language versions of your site quickly and efficiently. View our prezi to find out more.

Global Online Audience:  Huge increases in internet accessibility around the world have significantly altered language use and user demographics online. We illustrate the key language markets through an infographic aimed at raising awareness about these languages. Our multilingual web intelligence enables us to assist digital marketers to make the right strategic decisions.

Voice Solutions: The services we offer can be made available through popular tools and in this section; we demonstrate how our interpreting services can be used with technology platforms used in the market research industry to conduct multilingual research seamlessly.

Global Insight: As a specialist provider of language services to the market research industry, we visually represent how our language services can be integrated to provide end-to-end support of both international qualitative and quantitative research.

Language Connect delivers fast, accurate language translation services 24 hours a day