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The importance of good interpreting services

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The Dog Days are Over

A particularly low point in the interpreting industry came with the news that a shortage of skilled linguists had led to a dog being registered as a courtroom interpreter. As a result of this and other service delivery issues, the court interpreting service provider was recently fined £46,139. Coming hard on the heels of Pudsey, a dancing border collie winning “Britain’s Got Talent”, we might look back on this as an interesting time for British dogs, but a dreadful time for British justice.

Has this recent judgement drawn a line under this unhappy episode? And can public confidence in interpreting services be restored?

Whether interpreters are needed for the courtroom, the boardroom or the conference hall, their skills need to be verified and they need to be given the tools for the job. A professional interpreting partner will supply the people and the technology wherever and whenever you need it. An increasing demand for simultaneous interpreting has brought Language Connect challenging and rewarding assignments, with teams of interpreters relaying communication in real time. Conference interpreting is a regular feature of our business, and requirements are not confined to the UK. Many clients find that visits to events overseas run far more smoothly and lucratively with the assistance of a skilled linguist.

Interpreting a key corporate message in one-to-one meetings or larger gatherings can make the difference between a company leaving a trade event empty handed and shaking hands on a game changing agreement. As for courtroom interpreting, we’re well aware of the importance of precise, nuanced communication in a multilingual society and our linguists are preselected for interpreting skills, language fluency and specific industry experience and qualifications. The result? No failed courtroom attendances resulting in unnecessary detention. No misunderstanding of terminology resulting in an embarrassing faux pas. And definitely no dogs on the register.



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