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Language Connect celebrates 9th year anniversary

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To mark Language Connect’s 9th year anniversary we organised a white water rafting session at the Lee Valley White Water Centre. A die-hard group from our London office risked the cold weather to try out the adrenaline-inducing course which recently hosted the London Olympic canoe slalom events. Despite the freezing conditions we all had to leap into the water to perform some routine safety exercises which really got the blood pumping. After training we then jumped into the raft with our guide Dan and went down the fast-flowing course several times, on each subsequent run Dan manoeuvred the raft in more  perilous parts of the course. We all inevitably got soaked but after having the chance of thawing out with a cup of hot tea everybody left joking about what was an unforgettable experience.

See below for some pictures and a video of our rafting adventure:

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