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Language Connect hosts work experience programme

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As part of its commitment to the Business Language Champions scheme, Language Connect has developed a work experience programme aimed at providing GCSE students with an introductory understanding of the key areas of the business.

Through taking part in a two-week work experience onsite, students are given the opportunity to consolidate the skills they have learnt in the classroom, as well as gain experience of other disciplines required in the workplace.

Kasia was the first Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College student to take part in this scheme. Kasia worked alongside Language Connect employees in the Sales, Operations, Finance and Administration functions. The two weeks culminated in a one-on-one interview with Ben Taylor, Language Connect’s Managing Partner, who took time to explain how Language Connect was set up and shared his vision about the Company’s future.
Kasia’s teacher wrote, ‘’I bumped into Kasia at lunchtime today and she told me she was really delighted and thought it was a very positive and helpful experience. Thanks again for providing the school with this opportunity. I hope we will be able to do more joint work next year.’’

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