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Language Connect Supports Next Generation of Potential Linguists Through Interpreting Workshop

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On the 16th April 2013, project executives from leading language services provider, Language Connect, visited the Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College in Willesden to host a free interpreting workshop for students.

The workshop was designed to provide students with information about the industry and discuss ways to approach a career as a translator or interpreter. The session was planned to ensure maximum interactivity between Language Connect executives and students as a way of actively demonstrating the collaborative nature of interpreting and to encourage pupils to ask plenty of questions.


The class were divided into 2 teams, one representing the Portuguese language and the other Polish. Teams were tasked with enacting a role play scenario in conjunction with professional interpreters to provide them with the practical skills required by interpreters, whilst encouraging the students to have fun and be experimental with languages.


Beatrise, student:

“The workshop was really interesting and after what I’ve learnt today, I would definitely consider interpreting as a career. It’s something I had never thought of before but I really enjoyed the role play and the interpreters thought I did a great job – especially considering that we only had a few hours to learn everything!”


Language Connect is committed to promoting the language services industry (in particular to next-generation linguists) through Community Connect – a collaborative element of our CSR strategy – to ensure we nurture fresh talent.

Our most valuable asset is our people. We believe in giving something back by investing at a grass-roots level to foster the next generation.The huge potential presented by the next employment generation should encourage businesses and individuals to invest in the development of young people and subsequently contribute towards boosting our employment economy.

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