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Language Connect’s 2019 Roundup

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It’s been a hugely encouraging and fulfilling year for Language Connect in so many ways. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have not only seen growth as a business but also in our incredible talent as they continue to build on their experience with increasing confidence.

We continue to expand and are working with larger, and more complex, enterprise clients across a wide range of language services. As part of THG Ingenuity we are now positioned to introduce clients to the full scope of our ecosystem – from creative content from THG Studios to hosting services from THG Hosting, and even THG Commerce where they can discover how the solutions that have driven the success of The Hut Group can be applied to their own business through a team of ecommerce experts. Such an ecosystem is unique in its ability to support and grow companies across the world by providing end-to-end, and scalable solutions. Language Connect is proud to be part of such an exciting and fast-growing company which can take on world-leading clients and help them grow on an international scale.

We have also seen growth in our international footprint, with a marked increase in our USA presence, alongside impressive APAC results which show consistent growth into new countries across a broad range of sectors. Coupled with our presence alongside businesses in France, Germany, Spain, and the Middle East, 2019 saw the Language Connect name spread further than ever before.

Support to the Market Research sector remains a key part of our business and this year we have translated over 72 million words for our 379 market research clients, across over 9,500 separate projects. 2019 was also a year of product development which helped support and facilitate our growth and our ability to meet more complex demands. We began a partnership with Digital Taxonomy and their Codeit platform, through which our coding capabilities were bolstered in line with the Market Research industry’s increasing need for quicker and more cost-efficient support to their clients. As a result, we have coded more than 3 million verbatim and brand responses in 2019 – the most we have ever achieved – and seek to continue this momentum into 2020.

In our Healthcare business, we have seen some of our most significant growth – supporting over 50 large multinational clients in the pharmacovigilance and healthcare research sectors with translation work.

In the ecommerce web localisation space we’ve grown tremendously in experience and expertise with over 20 million words translated across 26 languages to enable another year of THG’s incredibly successful Black Friday, Singles Day, Christmas and New Year campaigns. We’re broadening our offering across the breadth of retail, not only in product and marketing content but also in ingredients labelling, compliance, SEO localisation, subtitling and legal documentation.

We would not be able to do any of this without the wonderful support of our global network of expert linguists. They are the backbone of our business. It’s been a year of high scale projects and demanding deadlines, throughout which they have coped admirably and have remained engaging, thoughtful and passionate about what they do. Their enthusiasm and talent that has helped drive such a successful year for Language Connect, and we look forward to what 2020 brings for them.

From now, we go headlong into a year of innovation – pushing the boundaries by combining our expert talent with the use of AI and machine translations in a way that works for businesses. By embedding with our broader content creation and studios team we seek to further our ability to support clients in their international growth ambitions through offering an end to end international content proposition. We’re set for a particularly exciting year for both ourselves and for our clients – if you want to be part of this journey by joining the team or seeing how we can support your international business goals, please get in touch today.

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