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Last week, Language Connect joined forces with StorePOINT International at London Olympia’s mediaPro event to present a dynamic partnership which is saving our clients, as we speak, 50% in time and money.

Ben Taylor, Managing Director of Language Connect and Mark Alford, Managing Director of StorePOINT, delivered a dynamic keynote speech on the cost-saving platform which creates multi-lingual artwork at a fraction of the cost.

A collaborative approach to transcreation – how a new best-of-breed partnership can deliver quality, time and cost enhancements to international marketing’showed how StorePOINT’s PointandGo Localise solution works around the complex industry of transcreation and typesetting, to transform it into a consecutive online collaboration between translators, proofreaders and project managers.  Language Connect’s translators work directly within the artwork, and the artwork is built containing the foreign language.

Ben Taylor enthused, “this partnership is a game-changer”.  The foreign-language typesetting and desktop publishing industry has always been linear in its methodology; the opportunities which this type of partnership presents are unbounded.

We were thrilled to have the chance to demonstrate this exciting new development at mediaPro, which brought many of the key marketers, agencies, brand managers and social technology providers together in one room. The ‘room’ was a little smaller than we had envisaged, but this worked in our favour as it meant that we were able to meet a large number of the attendees and also had the chance to chat to fellow exhibitors.

In our view, competition is always a good thing at these types of events, especially as everyone is already buzzing from the free confectionary. In the weeks running up to the show we designed a pretty nifty web game, a sort of jigsaw puzzle meets ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ where tail meant country and donkey corresponded to map. The pieces were western European countries, recognisable by both domain name and shape. The approach varied wildly but we found that the stock response ‘‘but I’m no good at geography!’’ was actually adopted by those who scored the highest, whereas a couple of gung ho players who thought that the game would be easy got thrown by those tricky little European Microstates. Yes, they are countries; no we weren’t 100% sure of the location to-the-nearest-kilometre of San Marino either until we played this game!

The winner, Natascha, from Sony, was actually one of the first to play the game and her high score remained unbeaten. She is now the proud owner of an iPad; better than sticking your business card in a pot any day!

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