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Infographic: Top languages on the Internet (Updated)

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In the later part of the last decade, as web users grew around the world, there has been a surge in the use of local languages on the web. Once native-English speakers dominated the internet world population but today their number stands at 26.5%, and this figure is expected to decrease further. Languages like Chinese, Russian and Arabic have grown by 1,500%, 1,800% and 2,500% online since 2000.

At Language Connect, we keep a constant eye on languages that are increasingly being used on the internet. As we are a language services company which primarily works through the web while also offering web-based language services, we constantly review online language data. We have packaged all the data in a graphical map to visually represent the foreign language web.

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Updated Infographic


Old Infographic


The image shows the world map with highlighted countries where the official languages are the top languages on the internet. It features a chart which shows all the top languages according to size (in millions). We have also included tables on internet penetration by language and world population of each listed language.

Source: Internet World Stats

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