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Welsh road signs put up in city

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Signs put up at a set of roadworks in Cambridgeshire warning drivers of a new speed limit were in Welsh.

Four signs in Welsh were placed on the Longthorpe Parkway in Peterborough with the English translation underneath.

A number of drivers who saw the signs contacted the city council and some took pictures.

A council spokeswoman said: “They seem to have just appeared there. We’re not too sure how and why. It’s all a bit of a mystery.”

‘Practical joke’

She said the roadworks were carried out by a contractor and the road had been closed overnight for the work to take place.

“The road was closed and when it re-opened there were no speed restrictions in force.

“So therefore there was no need for signs. Why speed restriction signs would be put up we have no idea.”

A council spokesman added while it could have been the contractors hired to carry out the work it also could have been a practical joke.

The signs have now been removed.

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