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Legalex 2015 – presentation on legal translation by Language Connect

14:25 01 June in Legal, Videos

Mind your language! Interpreting your law, speaking your language

How do your protect your professional reputation in a multilingual society and an ever-changing global economy?

And how do you give colleagues, clients and partners the competitive edge they need in cross-border trade?

Reputations can be lost and relationships damaged with one careless word. How can you safeguard your future with language requirements increasing in diversity not only from case to case, but from region to region within the same country?

Emerging economies are setting new rules for global trade. How can you keep your finger on the pulse and comply with them? And with the amount of data online set to increase by 500% by the year 2020, how secure is your data, and the data your clients are trusting you with?

These are a few of the topics covered by David Jones and David Brett in the presentation at Legalex 2015.  The presentation covers global translation from a legal perspective and is relevant to all sectors and business doing global business and wishing to be compliant in local legal frameworks.


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