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Top 5 reasons an expert translator is a necessity in the legal sector

Top 5 reasons an expert translator is a necessity in the legal sector [Photo: iStock/Warchi]
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In the modern world of business, nothing is as static geographically as it once was. Companies are increasingly working in new markets in new countries and dealing with countless contacts across the world for any number of reasons – The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates as many 50,000 companies are now multinational. But as much as this can be a rewarding business strategy to employ, it can also be a challenging one for companies.

Legal disputes happen in the business world, but in the modern world, where business are in contact with other countries more than ever, these are more common cross-border than they have ever been, with millions taking place every year. It’s, therefore, vital that all companies can call on the expertise of a legal translation expert when they need to.

This is important not just in terms of reacting to things that have happened, but also throughout any stage of the business process, be it when dealing with procurement, services or contracts. A legal translation expert is priceless for most companies. Here, we take a look at a few reasons why.

Speed to market

Perhaps one of the most important issues in the legal translation sector is speed. Business deals are won and lost in the blink of an eye, and companies need to know that they can rely on someone who cannot only translate something accurately and legally soundly, but also quickly, so that contracts, deals and cases are not being held up unnecessarily.

Fluidity of law

It’s also vital that your legal translator is able to keep up with the ever-changing world of business law, both in the target and origin languages’ nations. The law is rarely ever static, and if someone is going to be translating documents, it’s important that they are not only well versed on the laws of the countries they need to know about, but that they never cease to learn, always keeping abreast of the changes they need to know about.

Legal language

Translation in the legal word is about more than simply switching words and phrases to make everything make sense. In legal terminology, there are words and phrases that would mean nothing on their own, but everything in legal terms, so having a translator on board who has a knowledge of how legal terms work is very important.

Legal diversity

As much as the world of business is more global than it’s ever been, no two countries are legally identical. If someone is going to be translating documents from one language to another, it’s important that they, therefore, have some knowledge of the nuances that exist, and the difference between laws in each of the nations, to make sure documents remain as relevant and useful as possible.

Accurate translation

As with any sector, the accuracy of a translated document in the legal market is absolutely vital. In a sector where one word can make all the difference to the meaning, tone or gravity of a document, having an expert translator who is fluent in the legal language of the target country is vital to finding legal success.

When it comes to translating legal documentation, getting it right can be a minefield, with the potential for so much to go wrong, but with the right translator bringing the right skills to the table, companies can rest assured that they are on firm legal ground.

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