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Wining for Wales

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Labour bosses must have been red-faced over the Welsh language as their conference opened in Swansea.
A smart bilingual set where Gordon Brown was speaking on Friday night displayed a spelling error in the Welsh translation of the party’s campaign slogan. Conference organisers had clearly failed to spot a missing ‘n’ in the misspelling of the Welsh word to win in their slogan ‘Enil Dros Gymru Yn Ewrop’ in time for the rally.

The English equivalent opposite was correct as “Winning for Wales in Europe”. But the gaffe – the equivalent of ‘wining’ for Wales – undermines the party’s attempts at embracing the language. A shame as Gordon Brown had issued a sincere ‘diolch’ to party workers for their efforts, adding that ‘the Welsh language and culture are an essential part of a modernised nation’ in a modern multi-cultural world.
The error was corrected in time for today’s session.

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