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Market Research Coding “On Tap” as Language Connect announce partnership with Digital Taxonomy’s Codeit

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As a leading translation specialist for the market research sector, Language Connect offers coding as a specialist service. It’s a core part of our offering and involves synthesising large quantities of multi-language data from open-ended questions into a more practical format for data analysis.

The most obvious advantage of coding the data in-language is that there is no need to first translate all of the data into English before it can be analysed, therefore saving time and money. Coding directly from the native language into English is also a very accurate form of data analysis as it captures the nuances of the responses that risk being lost if the data is first translated into English. Language Connect uses vetted and tested coders, who speak both the language of the data and English.

The Market Research industry is always under pressure to produce results more quickly and at lower-cost. However, for research to remain useful and reliable this must not come at the expense of sacrificing quality. To help resolve this paradox, companies are increasingly relying on new and better technology to assist researchers. Automation tools and artificial intelligence are increasingly becoming an established and trusted part of the research landscape. They allow people to simply do more with less, by eliminating some of the repetitive, manual tasks involved in the research process.

Through leveraging advances in Artificial Intelligence, it is now possible to offer our clients enhanced coding services, faster, cheaper and of higher quality through our partnership with Digital Taxonomy and their Codeit platform. Codeit is a market leading software built by Digital Taxonomy and in synergy with Language Connect will provide our valued customers a “One Stop Shop” for open ended responses, making software, services and cutting-edge AI seamlessly available to all our clients.

Using Codeit, Language Connect can integrate directly with several popular survey platforms. Survey responses can be transferred in real-time to expert linguists for in-language coding.  As the coding is completed, data flows automatically back to the survey platform quickly delivering results with minimal manual effort and intervention.

As the coding is completed, the cutting-edge AI built into Codeit learns by example and is trained using the linguist’s work. Once sufficiently trained, the AI can assist the linguist by suggesting codes, highlighting areas of interest and automatically applying codes where appropriate. All of which results in much quicker turnaround times and lower cost. Furthermore, because the AI is trained using real human examples, we can be assured that quality is not compromised and remains high. Throughout the process, Codeit acts as a collaborative hub for managing the process of codeframe design, approval, coding and quality assurance.

Quentin Naylor, Language Connect’s Managing Director, highlighted the core benefit of the partnership, saying, “a key business benefit of integrating with the Codeit platform is that it provides efficiency gains to our clients through a smoother automated workflow. That means we can get research outputs back to our clients both faster and cheaper.

Tim Brandwood, CEO of Digital Taxonomy said the partnership would offer fresh insights to help develop their technology further, “the relationship with Language Connect is a great opportunity to work in partnership to evolve software together. As experts in complex, multi-lingual projects we expect that Language Connect will have lots to offer in terms of ideas, suggestions and user feedback that will be really valuable in improving the software for everyone.”

So, there’s a lot to consider in designing your one-country or multi-lingual market research, and this is why it makes sense to partner with someone who specialises in this day in, day out with some of the world’s leading research companies.  Want to know more, just email

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