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British Asians in UK – Infographic

in Market Research

Britain has a long-standing historical connection with the countries of South Asia. Since the times of colonial India, Britain has been a popular destination for the South Asian diaspora. The first wave of immigrants from the region to the UK came in the 17th Century. Today their population is more than 4 million.



British South Asians combined make up the largest ethnic group in the country. Their economic clout has also been growing and they are worth nearly £150 billion in annual spending power. This group is also one of the most linguistically diverse ethnic groups in the world with the most popular languages spoken being Hindi, Urdu, Panjabi and Gujarati.

This post is part of our series on the most prominent ethnic minorities of the world. In the first post, we looked at the Hispanic market in US which is the most economically significant ethnic group in the world.

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