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Language Connect – leaders in multilingual questionnaire coding

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Language Connect is an expert and market leader in multilingual questionnaire coding. Our expertise in this sector ensures your clients receive accurate and reliable data extracted quickly from surveys on their products and services, no matter what the breadth of distribution or the languages involved.

Language Connect has a well-crafted system of processes in place which allows us to directly code responses to open-ended questions (‘verbatims’) or other qualitative data in Market Research studies. Unless there is a specific need for the back-translation of verbatim responses, our linguists code open-ended questionnaire responses into meaningful and exhaustive categories to facilitate data analysis. The need for back-translation is therefore completely eliminated as the output of the process is purely quantitative.

Our coding service reduces project turnaround time for our clients by up to 80% and some of our clients estimate they have reduced processing costs by as much as 70%. Our pricing structure is also simple and transparent. You only get charged per response meaning that even if there are three codes assigned to one response, you will still only pay once.

We have a fully-trained team of coders who only work in their native tongues. Additionally, our dedicated Project Managers are extremely experienced in liaising between clients, end-clients and our coders to ensure your code-frames are specifically tailored to the needs of the study. Where time does not prevail, we allocate only one linguist to code an entire questionnaire and upon code-frame completion, an independent linguist then runs quality checks on the project to warrant the conformity and meticulous precision of the categorised responses.

‘Working with Language Connect’s coding services is a true pleasure. Not only have we gotten used to their great flexibility and quick turnaround times, we have also received great feedback from our clients,’ says Maarten Bommerez from Survey Sampling International.

Through our extensive experience in the Market Research sector, we also make suggestions to our clients on ways they can improve their research methods. For example, repeated surveys are used to track different respondents’ opinions on specific products and services over time. To properly capture and analyse new responses against past data, it is critical that the same code-frames are followed over time. Language Connect maintains survey-specific code-frames for each of our clients. This saves costs on future code-frame creation and also improves consistency since it can be used as reference material.

In addition to our survey coding services, we can create code-frames and conduct code distribution analysis cost-effectively. We work with many software formats commonly used by Market Research companies including Conformit, SPSS and Excel.

Language Connect delivers fast, accurate language translation services 24 hours a day