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Multilingual blogging: communicating with international markets

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Getting Started

Content marketing plays a central role in attracting visitors to a website. Blogging has effectively worked for many companies in increasing brand awareness and client base. This is especially true for companies in the digital industry, e.g. SEOMoz which has used its blog to attain a very respectable position. Many high profile companies now use blogging to showcase industry knowledge and develop a following for greater engagement and improved social sharing.

How to approach multilingual blogging

Web users whose native language is English only account for 26.8% of total online users. That means 73.2% of users speak other languages! Creating content for them will greatly improve a company’s social standing. Although it may seem that the effort required in creating a multilingual blog and managing content would be too challenging to realistically consider, it can be made very simple through the use of technology and readily available online tools.

The blogging platform

WordPress comes highly recommended as a blogging platform based on its ease of use and adherence to web standards. As an open-source platform, it provides all the necessary technology required to run a successful blog. The availability of numerous plugins is also very helpful in developing the capabilities of the blog on an ongoing basis. Although multilingual capabilities are not included as standard in WordPress, there are plugins available that provide this function.

WPML is a popular plugin that enables multilingual content creation on WordPress. It is very easy to setup and offers a translation management option that would make multilingual content creation cost effective and simple. The availability of this tool demonstrative how the use of language technology removes barriers to foreign markets.

Multilingual content creation using Translation Memory (TM)

WPML enables you to translate your English content through flexible options, saving you time and money.

However, increased accuracy of translated content and further cost savings can be achieved through the use of TM. The following illustration explains the TM process:



Language Selection

The decision as to which languages should be chosen for content translation should be made according to industry and whether that particular market has demand for the product or service in question. Language selection can also be based on the number of web users a certain language has. These methods will allow a company to reach out to a large, targeted web user base and increase traffic as a result.

Multilingual blogging can be a very beneficial and cost effective way to promote a website internationally. The opportunities are out there and companies which adapt to this method will benefit greatly.

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