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The Growing Mobile Web

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As more and more internet users access the web through mobile phone devices, mobile websites have become a requirement for any business. Worldwide global mobile subscriptions are expected to reach 6 billion this year, and with higher smartphone usage, mobile web has become a medium that cannot be ignored. It is understood that what works best on the web will ultimately work on mobile web, albeit on a smaller scale. Though many businesses are yet to adapt mobile web, the foundations for its importance are being laid by organisations like Google which now offers a mobile variant of a number of its utilities.

Mobile web presents an opportunity for companies to offer a more simplified, direct and portable means of communicating with consumers. Amazon was one of the early adapters of mobile web and, today, it sells more than one billion dollars’ worth of product through mobile orders alone. Initially mobile web was not thought of as a conduit for business but this view gradually faded away when the mobile industry started reporting on growing consumer usage and interest in web transactions.

The final push came with the advent of Internet-based smartphones which relied heavily upon mobile web for functionality. Smartphones like Apple’s iPhone, which was initially marketed as an “internet communications device”, fuelled mobile web growth to unseen levels and resulted in mobile web being used for consumer purchases. The importance of mobile web will only grow in the foreseeable future and it has already become an important communication medium, yet many businesses have not embraced it so far.

The mobile industry is very upbeat about the future of mobile web, and their positive outlook is aided by industry stats that point out the impressive growth of this medium. Though mobile applications have also gained prominence, they remain a second tier preference for most mobile users. A mobile website is the first point of communication for some consumers and an effective mobile website can aid a business in providing convenient access to potential customers on the go.

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