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How the right language partner can help you get results from global marketing

How the right language partner can help you get results from global marketing Image: wael alreweie via iStock
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If your business has aspirations to achieve serious growth by expanding its brand across borders, it's essential to have a well-researched, thoroughly planned marketing strategy to maximise your chances of getting results.

One of the most important things to get right is the presentation and elaboration of your brand in individual markets, to ensure you have the strongest possible impact on your target audience and your messaging is conveyed in the right way. Essentially, your brand needs to be tweaked and tailored for each market it enters, and language has a critical role to play in this process.

By working with an experienced language services provider that has delivered proven results for its clients, your business can feel confident that it is taking the right approach to international brand expansion. Here are just a few of the methods Language Connect uses to help its clients get marketing results in key global markets:

Forming close relationships

In order to do a good job of presenting your brand and conveying your marketing messages in different international markets, your language services partner must first have a clear idea of your company and what it does. This should encompass everything from the firm's origins and history, to its current situation and what it hopes to achieve in the future.

A good language partner will work hard to understand and engage with your brand, to ensure that it is able to accurately translate your messaging while staying true to your core principles and ambitions.

By forming a close working relationship with your language services provider, your business can feel confident that its marketing content and messages are being translated using the appropriate style and tone of voice. Your partner will also develop an innate understanding of particular references, expressions or forms of communication that don't feel right for your brand.

Working in native languages

One policy that has proven beneficial and become highly important for Language Connect is to work with linguists who are translating into their native language. There is no replacement for using a translator who has grown up speaking a certain tongue and developed an entirely natural understanding and familiarity with it.

This level of comprehension extends beyond the basic formal elements of language, encompassing factors such as local dialects, slang, cultural references and terms that simply don't exist in other countries.

One scenario in which this sort of natural understanding could prove particularly important is if your business wants to use certain expressions or ways of communicating to target a specific demographic. If your product is predominantly aimed at younger consumers, for example, you will want to feel confident that the language being used in your marketing will 'speak' to this audience and have an impact on them, possibly through the use of niche terminology or a relaxed, informal tone of voice.

The last thing you want to do is alienate consumers – something that is a big risk if your use of language feels awkward or unnatural.

Local knowledge and understanding

Another big benefit that comes from working with linguists who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of certain markets – and ideally are still living there – is that it provides unparalleled insights into the latest local consumer trends and preferences. This can be invaluable when it comes to boosting the chances of your marketing having the desired impact.

If, for example, a recent advertising campaign or promotional strategy has tapped into the zeitgeist in one of your target markets, you can learn about this from local linguists and possibly tailor your own strategy accordingly. Or, if a potential competitor in a certain location has sought to set itself apart by using a distinctive communication style or tone of voice, your business might want to find its own unique linguistic approach as well.

Working with a locally based translator can also help you to gain insights into how your brand is already perceived in your target market and how it could consider changing its methods around language.

Getting these locally relevant results while maintaining the core essence of your brand could be a vital part of your company's journey to expanding its presence and tapping into diverse and exciting markets across the globe.


Image: wael alreweie via iStock

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