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Marketing online and global annual events: The importance of knowing the calendar

Marketing online and global annual events: The importance of knowing the calendar [Photo: Antonio Guillem via iStock]
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Any business owner knows the importance of a simple calendar for marketing purposes. There are events throughout the year that mark important dates for companies to ensure they are securing the maximum number of customers possible.

Whether these events are as simple as the Boxing Day sales, which got a quarter of Brits out of bed on the day after Christmas in 2016 to seek a bargain, or the Black Friday sales, which saw $3 billion spent online in 24 hours in the US alone, or more complicated to target niche events for smaller firms, getting the right things on sale and advertised at the right prices on the right day is vital, whether you are operating in one country or across the world.

Of course, it’s easy when operating in just one market to have a well-populated calendar of events that helps to show what’s on and when throughout the year, but for companies with a global presence, there are a number of different things to consider, not least translation and compiling a comprehensive list of important dates that can help you reach out to consumers at the right time and in the right way.

Here, we take a look at some important considerations that all firms need to make.

Sales days

As mentioned above, Black Friday and Boxing Day, along with Cyber Monday, are some of the biggest shopping days in the world, especially online. But these are not the only global events, and marketing managers with a savvy eye for finding customers will know that organising sales and translating content and websites at the right time can be a surefire way to push sales figures.

One prominent example of this is the Singles Day, or Guanggun Jie, in China. This day occurs annually on November 11th, and is by far the busiest shopping day on the Chinese calendar online, raking in as much as £11.5 billion in just 24 hours as shoppers try to get good deals. With figures like this, it’s clear why companies need to make sure they are producing and accurately translating marketing materials that appeal to Chinese shoppers on Singles Day in order to maximise sales.

And it’s not just China where there are massive single day events like this in the retail calendar either. Events like The Good Weekend in Mexico can bring in as much as £10 billion in the space of just a few days, while Friendship Day and Click Frenzy in India and Australia respectively are huge spending days, making them very profitable for firms that are looking to make the most of popular shopping days.

Of course, you need to also consider even the most subtle changes that can occur between countries as well. Much like in the UK, Global Edge reports that Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days for online shopping in Brazil. But companies need to be aware that not all countries even celebrate the same things on the same day. Content needs to be presented in the right language and well optimised on June 12th in Brazil, a full four months after companies have seen the lovers’ spike back home.

Festivals and events

Of course, if the spirit of Christmas has taught us anything, it’s that it’s not just shopping days that can make for busy periods for companies. The lead up to major national or religious events can be some of the most profitable for businesses. Just look at the billions spent every year on Christmas presents in the west for evidence of that.

It’s vital to be aware of similar events across the world when translating content as well. Marketing your products and sales with the right message at these times of year is the best way to ensure sales and success, but you need to know when such events are coming to plan for them and translate your content accurately for these in the first place.

For example, for Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists, the “festival of light” is a time of real celebration and religious importance. The run up to Diwali is also one of the busiest times for spending for people from these religions, much like Christmas is in Christian countries, and from the end of October, people will be seen to be spending large amounts on gifts, which again presents opportunities for companies.

Trying to time the sales and messages that you put across to consumers across the globe can be a difficult task for companies. But for those with an expert translator to hand, the process can be a lot easier. With fantastic knowledge not only of the language, but also the culture and mindset of your target audience, an effective translator is a priceless tool no matter the time of year.

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