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The end-to-end experience: From marketing and sales to customer service

Customers must receive the best end-to-end experience with your business
in Retail and Ecommerce

In modern-day business, it’s not enough to have a strong product and hope that everything else follows. Customers expect relationships with the brands they choose, which involves a high level of engagement at every stage.

There is no point servicing a client’s needs fully during the sales period, providing everything in the language they require, if this becomes diluted or disappears later on. Keeping a customer happy has many benefits, from repeat business to developing an advocate for your brand, and no company can afford to neglect the end-to-end experience.

Prioritise the customer experience

It’s not enough to offer a customer experience that is on a par with your competitors – you need to better it. Use their practices as a benchmark and go one step further, remembering that your clients will form an opinion at every stage.

This means making sure that each interaction they have with your company is as seamless as possible. If one document is not supplied in the right language or the customer service doesn’t come up to scratch in a single instance, all of the initial marketing work could be undone.

An end-to-end experience is a sum of all the parts of the process, meaning good feelings can accumulate over time. Just as easily, negative episodes can impact on the overall trajectory of a relationship and prevent things from moving forward.

Back up your client development with a localised social media strategy

Open up the conversation with relevant parties on social media, allowing them to contact you in a convenient manner at a time that suits them. Engage with them on their terms through targeted campaigns, not just troubleshooting when there is a problem.

Again, ensure that this is done in the client’s native language. Multiple accounts can be set up for a company if it operates in different parts of the world where languages vary. Consider the platforms where your target audience and their influencers can be found, which may mean diversifying into areas like Instagram or Snapchat.

Who is responsible for the end-to-end experience?

Every single person in a company who interacts with a client must offer them the optimum experience. This ranges from the salesperson who develops the lead, right through to the chief operating officer that takes responsibility for the company culture.

Cohesive leadership from the top should result in a business fuelled by customer ambassadors. As departments work together for the greater good of the product and service, strengths can be pinpointed, but overall, an overriding ethos should prevail and this must translate into everything you do, especially customer service which should where possible be provided in the customers’ language of choice.

Package your product properly

Your customers’ experience of your product is not just through human interaction or the way you come across via technological media, but also the way it is packaged. Think of the unboxing tool as part of the branding message and make sure it’s memorable.

Believe it or not, unboxing videos can pick up millions of views online, increasing the hype before a product is even seen. Since many firms are failing to take advantage of the potential of out-of-the-ordinary packaging, it’s not hard to stand out from the crowd.

What’s more, at this point, you’ve already made a sale, so you could say that you’ve reached the end point, but that’s not strictly true. This is just the beginning for your customer and the relationship they will have with your product. Delight them with the unboxing experience and you may earn their repeat business, as well as turning them into an advocate for your brand.

Remember that packaging sets an expectation, which will guide the customer’s feelings about the product inside. A good first impression will help them to have positive thoughts on the item, so it’s worth putting some thought into and paying attention to detail.

Track the figures

When it comes to creating a strategy to make sure all of this is happening at every stage and the impact it has, there’s no longer a need to guess. Data can be turned into graphs and algorithms, behaviours can be tracked, and goals measured against pre-set parameters.

All of this should play into the overall plan that offers the perfect end-to end experience. Just remember, the small elements culminate into the bigger picture and this is what the client will take away with them in the end. Personalising this experience, especially with in the right language, is one way.

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