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Why a consistent brand tone of voice is key for ecommerce success

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If your ecommerce business has bold ambitions for the future, expanding into international markets is likely to be one of the key goals on your radar.

While overseas growth can offer many opportunities to increase sales revenue and profits, it’s important for your company to have certain functions and fundamentals in place first.

One of the key considerations is your brand’s tone of voice. As you enter new markets, your tone of voice must remain consistent to maintain your brand identity and integrity, even when you are communicating in different languages.

Why brand tone of voice is so important

Brand tone of voice helps to illustrate your company’s character and build a distinct identity, creating something for consumers to remember and engage with. This serves as the foundation for long-term, mutually rewarding customer relationships.

Your tone of voice should be detectable in everything from online product descriptions and webpage copy to blogs and email newsletters. A useful test is to ask whether, should your brand name be removed from your various pieces of content, consumers would be able to tell they all came from the same company.

Ecommerce marketing blog Ometria highlighted some specific examples of brands that have succeeded in using language to convey a sense of character. Swedish fashion retailer & Other Stories uses creative and evocative descriptions for its products, while Ayr, another fashion brand, uses colloquialisms and informal language to engage with customers in a chatty, relaxed way.

Businesses take different approaches to branding and marketing based on various factors – such as the nature of the product they are selling and the demographic they are targeting – but all firms have something to gain from being clear and consistent in how they connect with consumers.

Finding the right tone of voice for your brand and sticking to it as you expand could be one of the most important steps on your way to international growth.

Maintaining consistency

Continuing to send out the right brand messages and keeping your tone of voice consistent as your company expands into foreign markets can be a challenge.

This is where the expertise of an experienced language services specialist can prove invaluable. Solutions such as transcreation help to ensure that your marketing and advertising content maintain the right tone of voice, regardless of the language you are using. Going beyond basic translation, these services depend on skilled writers who have an innate understanding of the local language, culture and marketplace.

Similarly, localisation can prove vital to making sure your content and campaigns have the impact you are looking for in foreign markets, by reflecting the cultural nuances and language quirks of particular destinations.

With these expert services to rely on, your business can substantially increase its chances of international ecommerce success by building a strong brand and forming lasting bonds with customers.

The ecommerce world is your oyster

Those businesses that get their branding and communication strategies right can look forward to a bright future in the ecommerce space, particularly if they succeed in engaging with the youngest consumers.

In a recent article for Forbes, Ryan Kelly, vice-president of advertising software firm Nanigans, explored how Generation Z – people born since 1996 – are growing in importance as a demographic and on track to become the largest generation of consumers by 2020. It is only in recent years that this cohort has had the disposable income to be considered a priority for marketers.

More than six out of ten digital advertising decision-makers surveyed by Nanigans said they now see Gen Z as a top or significant priority. Mr Kelly also pointed out “brand loyalties are set when people are in their early 20s, and that’s overwhelmingly true for Gen Z”.

This group could therefore represent a huge opportunity for ecommerce businesses, but only if the company uses the right language, communication and branding strategies to make an impact.

Looking at the ecommerce sector as a whole, there has been considerable growth in this space in recent years and there is every reason to expect this to continue for the foreseeable future.

In Europe alone, total ecommerce turnover increased by 11 per cent in 2017, driving the value of the industry to some €534 billion (£470.5 billion), according to the latest European B2C Ecommerce Report. The rate of growth is expected to increase to 13 per cent in 2018.

With many more opportunities waiting to be seized in expanding markets and regions all over the world, your ecommerce business could have a lot to gain from investing in a powerful brand with universal relevance.

Image: Rawpixel via iStock

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