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How Effective Translation Can Expand the Reach of Charities

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Charities can be there for people at the most vulnerable times in their lives. People may be fleeing a war-torn country, dealing with illness or bereavement in a place where they do not speak the language or find themselves caught up in a natural disaster while travelling.

In times of distress, fear and confusion, being unable to communicate with the people around you can only add to these emotions. This is why it’s crucial for charities to be able to provide individuals with access to resources and support in a language they recognise to bring comfort, clarity and effective communication when they need it most.

Which Language Services Can Help Charities?

Translation and interpreting services can both be beneficial for charitable organisations in a variety of formats. Here are just a few examples:

Translation of Official Documents

It can be a requirement for vulnerable people to complete official application or medical documents upon arrival in a new country, before they have any grasp of a language.

By providing access to documents in a variety of languages, charities can help to make this process more accessible and less frightening. Language Connect can assist with translating sensitive documents, helping your charity to support those in need.

Resources for Refugees or Trafficking Victims

The first contact that refugees or trafficking victims have with a charity can be amid very challenging circumstances. Having resources available to welcome a child or other vulnerable individual and explain the situation to them can provide reassurance and help to build trust at this distressing and often traumatic time.

Flash cards featuring simple greetings and phrases relating to food, sleeping arrangements and basic rules can help in the first few days, while extra support is arranged. Your organisation may wish to provide these materials to foster carers, educational support workers and others who come into contact with vulnerable people.

Urgent Crisis Information

During a crisis response operation, it’s imperative for charities to be able to deliver information to people in a variety of languages, quickly and clearly.

Preparation is key for this, making sure your organisation has resources ready to go in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency that may require a fast response.

Language Connect can help with translating materials on an ongoing basis, as well as to providing access to experienced interpreters.

Evergreen Marketing Materials

It’s not just responsive or reactive materials that charities should look to have available in multiple languages, but also evergreen information.

For example, it would be helpful to have any marketing videos on your organisation’s website subtitled in a variety of languages. Any information leaflets in doctors’ surgeries or community centres should be available in multiple languages as well, to help with expanding the reach of your charity.

It would also be a good idea to have an interpreter on hand at any events or interviews organised by your charity to make them as accessible as possible.

How Language Connect Can Support Your Charity

At Language Connect, we understand that charities’ budgets are limited. However, investing in translation and interpreting services can provide people with a lifeline, and we pride ourselves on offering value for money.

After identifying your needs and connecting your organisation with one of our experienced translators, we’ll make sure they’re trained in the specific vocabulary and specialist terminology that your charity uses, as well as your brand guidelines, tone of voice and the culture of the intended audience.

By putting this level of care into each translation we work on, we can help your charity to ensure it’s able to communicate effectively with people when they need it most. Contact us today to find out more.

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