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How Can British Companies Take Advantage of the Olympics?

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Unless you have been living in a cave for the past seven years, you will know that this summer’s Olympics will be held in London, and for businesses in the UK, this represents a huge opportunity to take advantage of the country’s two weeks in the spotlight.

But because of strict branding and sponsorship rules, it is almost impossible to use any Olympic branding without being one of the official sponsors, and this comes with a large price tag.

So how can British companies take advantage of this summer’s games without falling foul of the rules?

International Business

During this summer, London and Britain as a whole will take its place on the world stage and attract a lot of International attention. While the Olympic brand is well and truly off limits, the British brand does not come with a huge price tag and complicated legislation.

Britain still has a strong reputation in many parts of the world and the “brand” of Britain is an extremely strong one. While the Olympic Games will put the spotlight onto the UK, British companies do not need to rely on the Olympic brand to benefit from International business opportunities.

Any links that can be made to the flag, the monarchy, red telephone boxes or policeman’s helmets can be exploited free of any branding constraints, and the brand of Britain provides a wonderful platform for companies in the UK to appeal to International clients.

What Can Britain Offer?

The key for making the most of the Olympic summer is to use the attention that the games will bring, but don’t necessarily try to associate your brand with the Olympic one. Britain is also renowned internationally for the quality of its products and the innovation of its companies, so use this special summer to show how advanced your company is and what your clients can gain by going British.

It’s set to be a big summer for Britain and the world will be watching. Make sure your company makes the best of the opportunities that it provides.

Author Bio

Alan Grainger is a marketing specialist for The Corporate Gifts Company, an international distributor of promotional gifts based in the UK.

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