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Top tips for travel companies when translating online

Top tips for travel companies when translating online [Photo: iStock/Rawpixel Ltd]
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For travel companies, online translation strategies are more important than most. In a market where holiday bookings have moved away from the high street and onto the internet – 89 per cent of holidays are now booked online – companies have the ability to reach more travellers in a wider geographical range than ever before.

But selling a holiday to someone relies on speaking their language, and really promoting the destination to them, which means translation is absolutely key in the process. Here, we take a look at a few top tips for travel firms when translating online.

Know your range of target markets

By nature, travel companies are trying to talk to customers in a wider range of countries, languages and cultures than any other. And before translation ever takes place, it’s important that a strategy is put in place for this process.

Localising allows travel companies to target people in the right nations with well translated, targeted advertising and booking platforms that meet their needs. As Tnooz points out in the case of TripAdvisor, creating new domains in the right language, tone and platform for each market is the best way to go.

Consider booking methods

In the modern world, the way people book holidays has changed faster than ever before. In some countries, it’s commonplace for people to use just one connected device to browse, research and book their vacations, while others will research on one and book on another, and others might prefer to call up and book.

Depending on the markets your travel brand is appealing to, it’s vital to meet the needs of consumers. For example, if you are speaking to consumers in Western Europe, where mobile use is widespread, creating mobile sites in target languages is crucial for securing bookings and promoting holidays.

It’s about more than just language

For travel companies, perhaps more than any other types of firm, localisation is about more than just straight translation. In travel, language is the biggest selling tool you can have on your side, and companies must make sure that as well as simply translating, they are bringing the essence of the original message with them.

Emotive language is king when you are selling to consumers, and it’s important that you can put over the majesty and paradise of a holiday in whatever your target language may be.

Accurate translation matters

For many firms making the step into the world of globalising their travel brands for the first time, it may be tempting to work with companies that are offering quick translation via automated methods, but this can be a mistake. For travel content, the intricacies and accuracies are important in making sure you promote holidays and destinations to people in the right way.

Therefore, it is vital that all travel companies translating are dealing with expert translators who have a strong knowledge of their target languages, providing timely, accurate and useful translations that make a difference.

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