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Travel and Translation in a Very Different Summer

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The summer 2020 travel season is upon us, but never has a summer looked so different to the norm. Travel is among the sectors to be hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, with international travel bans, more localised lockdowns and a global aviation industry facing unprecedented challenges leaving businesses and tourists alike unsure of their summer plans.

Ever-changing travel rules and restrictions around the world mean not all countries will be able to welcome back visitors at the same time, but this will give destinations and their businesses time to prepare in terms of social distancing and resources to help to keep tourists and staff as safe as possible.

What Information Will Travellers Need?

In light of the global health crisis we’re living through, travellers are going to be more interested in seeing and reading health and hygiene information than they traditionally would have been on holiday. This means that hotel providers, restaurants and other tourist-facing businesses may need to commission and translate more notices than in previous summer seasons.

Any community public health messages, pharmacy notices and localised self-isolation information will need accurately translating in a variety of languages. What’s more, with many hospitality staff, and indeed tourists themselves, required to wear facemasks, lipreading will no longer be an option for navigating a language barrier. As a result, more signs, menus and other documents may need translating.

With the critical nature of the situation leaving no room for error or misinterpretation, it’s vital that these translations are carried out by experienced professionals to ensure all messages are being delivered clearly and effectively – Language Connect is here to help.

Virtual Travel Experiences

The coronavirus pandemic has given many people a chance to reassess the impact that their pre-COVID lives had on the world; some previously seasoned travellers may prefer to live more sustainably in a bid to lower their carbon footprint and choose to experience the world closer to home.

Others will continue to be affected by travel bans for some time to come, leaving them unable to be tourists, at least on a physical basis.

With this in mind, travel companies may want to consider how they can offer tours and experiences virtually, perhaps via video or even AR – something that would require subtitles in multiple languages.

A Chance to Pause, Reflect and Improve

A downturn in activity across the travel industry this summer will provide many companies with a chance for reflection. When the world becomes more mobile again, what role do you want your business to take? Perhaps there are branding or marketing tasks you’ve been meaning to focus on but haven’t had the time until now, for instance.

Try to use this pause in proceedings as positively as possible. Use the time to look over your marketing strategy and assess how it needs to be tweaked to attract the post-COVID consumer.

At Language Connect, we’re here to help you to translate any marketing materials your business needs as part of a new or reworked strategy, even amid the current climate. We have access to a network of experienced translators and interpreters across the globe who work remotely to deliver expert services for our clients across the travel industry and beyond.

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