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If you’re selling your products or services internationally, the standardisation of your marketing efforts reduces inefficiencies, eliminates duplication, and ensures that you reach your global audience in the most effective way possible.

But the standardisation of your marketing programme shouldn’t mean the standardisation of your marketing messages. An advertising strapline that works in one region won’t always work in another. Just because you get a great response to your direct mail shot in the UK doesn’t mean you’ll get the same result in China, especially if the copy is given a straight translation into Simplified Chinese. Similarly, a TV campaign using European Portuguese would be almost incomprehensible to a Brazilian audience. It’s why marketing campaigns in South America are routinely localised into 15 different dialects of Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese to personalise the content for the precise location and language.

This is why we partner with brands to ensure your message has the same appeal globally as it does on home turf.

That means we undertake cultural research, so we understand your audience inside out, and our transcreation team creates copy that’s sensitive to cultural differences whilst retaining your key messaging.

We carefully manage the workflow through our project management systems. So you can rest assured that the right content appears in the right language at the right time.

To find out how Language Connect can help ensure the consistency of your global marketing message, get in touch.

90 %

An EU official survey found that a whopping 90% of European internet users prefer to surf in their own language, and a study conducted by the Common Sense Advisory shows that over 70% of consumers are more likely to buy online if the information is available in their first language.

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