International Expansion

Helping businesses succeed in international markets

Expanding operations into new territories is a transformative time for any successful business. It’s also often a critical element in a company’s overall growth strategy.

Countries such as Brazil, China and India give businesses a great opportunity for growth. Developed markets too continue to expand. While the usual government regulations, tax restrictions, distribution and licencing issues can be overcome, it’s language that’s often the greatest barrier to international expansion.

What you need is a proactive language services partner that will increase your speed to market, ensure you’re compliant with local conventions and enable you to communicate as effectively as your local market competitors. That’s where Language Connect can help.

Our team of experienced translators and interpreters offer a number of services that smooth your journey. From website localisation and multilingual SEO to interpreting at crucial meetings with suppliers and investors and translating supply chain agreements.

Successful international expansion relies on careful preparation and choosing the right partners.

To find out how Language Connect’s services can help you with your international expansion plans, get in touch with our sector specialists.

22.7 Trillion

Global import/export totaled US$18.3 trillion in goods and US$4.4 trillion in services in 2012. Translation, localisation, and interpreting enable much of this trade.

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