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When it comes to international market research projects, we understand you’re faced with a number of specific challenges.

Every survey and every focus group must have content that’s appealing to a specific audience. The terminology, tone of voice, intonation and technical terms must all be tailored to each demographic. And if the research is carried out online then you have technical considerations to think about too.

If you’re running a number of surveys in a number of countries in parallel, the logistics of managing all the language aspects of the project can be time-consuming.

Which is why we offer our market research clients a proactive, holistic approach to tackling the language barrier in international market research. Right from the beginning of your project, our experienced language experts become an integral part of the research cycle from fieldwork preparation to analysis.

What’s more, we can advise you on best practice when it comes to moving towards XML file workflows and process automation.

So what does this fully managed, fully integrated approach give you? Operational efficiencies, lower costs and a reduced time to market.

To find out how Language Connect can streamline language logistics in your international market research, get in touch.

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Globally, 62% of online population made a purchase on the internet in the last year (Ipsos)

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