Worldwide Operations

Keeping your worldwide operations running smoothly

Legal. Oil and Gas. Healthcare. Manufacturing. Every industry has different needs.

But the one thing these global industries have in common is the need for operational and legal documents to be translated to a high quality and data security as standard.

This doesn’t always happen. Translations are often done at a local level by inexperienced translators. Or carried out on an ad hoc basis. Sometimes, for reasons of costs, the native speaker in the office is tasked with translating key documents or meetings, without understanding the full business context.

The key to simplifying the complexities of global business is to ensure your communications are consistent across all your sites worldwide. Talk to Language Connect. We have an unbeatable team of highly qualified translators with extensive experience in your industry, who are already familiar with the kind of documents that need translating. These include HR documents, supply chain documents, technical guides, legal documents, manuals and data sheets. We manage confidential documents within a highly secure translation environment that prevents data from being copied and stored outside.

In addition, we offer global interpreting resources via the phone, online or in person. So you can rest assured that everything you say will be exactly as you said it.

To find out how Language Connect can help you manage your worldwide operations, get in touch.


Countries with two or more 'official' languages. Add a few more for nations that have designated official languages for certain provinces or cities.

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