Aligning with ExxonMobil on Localised Health and Safety Communication

ExxonMobil is one of the largest companies in the world and the leading, publicly owned energy company with 75,000 employees.


ExxonMobil recognises the importance of making their health and safety communications available in the native languages of their employees in regional hubs of the organisation. Accurate, high quality translation and localisation of technical materials requires a specialist language service provider, able to deal with stakeholders in multiple regions and deliver projects to tight deadlines for internal awareness campaigns.


Since 2008, Language Connect has translated projects for 11 different languages including Turkish, Mandarin and Arabic, to name a few.

As a specialist in oil and gas terminology, we have fully aligned our skills with ExxonMobil’s key strategic business objectives as well as the end users’ local health and safety requirements. This proactive approach enables us to identify anomalies regarding the consistency of communication style and provide localisation recommendations for the most appropriate translation style, tone and register to adopt.

The use of expert translators who possess a strong understanding of their industry’s terminology and health and safety concepts means that the client can rest assured that they deliver accurate safety information to their global teams.


  • Cost reduction of 30% via ‘translation memory’
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Global consistency in all languages
  • 160+ projects, 2,000,000+ words



ExxonMobil has used the translation services of Language Connect for 5 years. They always deliver with consistently high standards of quality, attention to detail, and timeliness.

They keep us informed at every step of the process and never hesitate to ask for clarification in order to provide a better translation. Considering we do use complicated technical language, their translators maintain the same style and tone of the original text. Across the board, we are always pleased with their work and the communication shown from their team members.

It is my pleasure to recommend the translation services of Language Connect.

Rachel Whitaker, EAME Competency & Training Administrator

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