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Award-winning innovation in Market Research translation services

Language Connect is a specialist translation services provider to the Market Research sector.  We hire from within the sector to staff our capable team of project managers and business development managers.  Combined with our global network of linguists and offices, this provides a formidable focus on Market Research excellence.

Our clients are experiencing fast-paced changes to the way they do research; with an increased focus on global studies and pressures on corporations and MR agencies to get feedback programmes to market more quickly, in multiple languages and across multiple geographies.

All clients are provided with a bespoke service that considers markets, languages, and infrastructure.  We design an account management team around this to meet the precise workflow requirements for each client, and even each project if needed.

In addition to our focus on tailored services, Language Connect has this year launched an integrated solution that saves up to 90 per cent of the cost and time involved in coordinating the translation of multi-lingual Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Market Research (MR) programmes.

Connect Survey, developed by Language Connect, uses an API to integrate the Confirmit Horizons multi-channel feedback technology with Language Connect’s translation management system. It is available to clients who currently use Confirmit Horizons.

The time and cost savings already demonstrated thanks to Connect Survey are enormous. This not only means that organisations can become much more efficient, but it also delivers real competitive advantage by allowing them to get feedback and research programmes underway and completed much faster than before. For our businesses running VoC programmes, this is a compelling argument where speed and cost are key drivers. Many clients are now able to turn around content for multi-lingual translation in a single day.

Tim Hannington, EVP at Confirmit

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To date, multi-country programmes have involved lots of manual back and forth translation processes, adding significant costs and hampering speed to market. With Connect Survey, clients can get all their surveys and feedback translated far more quickly to ensure their programmes are delivered to the field as rapidly and cost-effectively as possible.

Having been trialled by a number of mutual customers with Confirmit, early use of the translation solution has shown the opportunity to reduce the time it takes to deliver a multi-lingual programme by a massive 90 per cent.

Within just a few weeks of use, we were seeing the following results:

  • Between 4 and 5 hours’ time saving per market
  • On a typical 5-market study, production time has been reduced by around 2 days
  • Greatly reduced risk of error, as a result of not having to manually copy and paste
  • Competitive edge when bidding for international work

Connect Survey is starting to take the stress out of handling multiple languages within Confirmit, freeing-up project time, and helping us differentiate our approach to international work.

Managing Director, UK

In addition, Language Connect found that during client demonstrations and early trials, there was a common theme of delays caused by client reviews and sign-off of the translated content. Using this feedback and assuming total responsibility for the end-to-end translation experience, our in-house team developed further collaboration features for seamless online editing and approval of the translated content, prior to the survey going live. This further reduces the time to market and, importantly, eliminates the need to export and duplicate files outside the workflow platforms. As with Connect Survey, it can be tailored for client security and workflow requirements and we take great care to ensure that our ability to add “human value” via quality control and consultative suggestions is always present.

This level of innovation is, to our knowledge, unprecedented in both the language services and the market research industry.  By significantly changing the workflow and time to market for the users of Connect Survey, we have been able to provide a business support solution that delivers exceptional operational impact to the end user researchers and clients, resulting in reduced time to market, higher efficiencies in the research teams and deeper integration with existing workflow systems.

An important key factor contributing to our success is our trusted partner Language Connect (LC). LC simply is our right hand when it comes to translation services: very quick, always responsive and with a great eye for detail. LC is thinking along with us, having our goals in mind. Customizing processes and systems in order to exactly fit our needs is something that LC seems to be doing naturally. I’ve worked with multiple agencies, but ever since I experienced the service and client-focused attitude of Language Connect, I haven’t needed to work with any other translations agencies any longer.

Senior Project Manager, Netherlands

The development of Connect Survey was celebrated in the Market Research Society Operations Awards 2015, with Language Connect winning the Best Support Services Award.



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