Kyäni is wellness simplified, on a mission to offer more wellness, more wealth, and more life to its clients and product distributors.

To get their products to market fast, Kyäni relies on Language Connect to provide translation into 20+ languages for product descriptions, website content and promotions.

From a word of mouth recommendation, Kyäni has now been using Language Connect due to our ability to deliver quick responses to their requests, flexible turnaround times, professional handling of the projects and exceptional quality of translations.

The translations provided by Language Connect have been successful in widening their audience, reaching out to new potential clients and being able to provide communication in the native language of every market. This has directly resulted in improved sales and brand buy-in across all markets.

Through expertly translated websites, videos, campaign flyers, event advertisements, working directly within Kyäni’s CMS, we provide them a swift turnaround including translation and proofreading services.


  • Expansion in new markets
  • Sales uplift in all markets
  • Improved brand consistency
  • Multi-media translated content
  • Improved quality of communications

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Language Connect delivers fast, accurate language translation services 24 hours a day