Market Research in Healthcare

Adverse events reporting in Healthcare Market Research

Healthcare clients frequently ask us to provide the English translation of foreign-language questionnaire responses that they have collected when carrying out market research studies.

In their responses, respondents may occasionally mention unwanted or negative side effects of a drug/device/procedure. These are known as adverse events (AEs) and must be reported to the manufacturer.

There are strict procedures in place for reporting AEs, including the deadline for reporting – typically within 24 hours of any AE being discovered. This means that the translator is responsible for identifying any potential AE in the material they are translating.

How Language Connect adds value

Prior to any project starting, the linguists involved are meticulously trained on identifying an AE and the requirements for reporting.

The 24-hour deadline means that we have to turn each batch of responses around within this period, so our client has enough time to report any AEs to the manufacturer. This includes weekends and holidays and we work flexibly with our global resources to deliver on time.

Through a tailored workflow process, our project Managers allocate linguists, record word counts and establish timings for each project. The linguists working on the project are available for the duration of the fieldwork, with any back-up resources allocated by the Language Connect project manager. Using our global offices and resources, we process and deliver work on a 24/7 basis including weekends and holidays.

By deploying a highly skilled team,  Language Connect can ensure that the client receives all translations and an accurate record of AEs, which can be shared with the manufacturer within the stringent deadlines required.

Benefits for the client

  • Automated exports mean minimal admin at the client side. All file preparation, tracking of word counts and costs and allocation of work is taken care of by Language Connect.
  • Specialised and dedicated Language Connect resources ensure accuracy, quality and reliability.
  • Quick turnaround through our global office network, ensuring legal compliance for reporting to the manufacturers.

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