Taking Marvel comics to a global audience

How do you say ‘Ka-pow’ in Korean?

Marvel Entertainment, one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, announced its appointment of iVerse, an innovator and unique voice in the mobile publishing field, to exclusively distribute single issue and collected edition foreign language digital comics worldwide, through a ground-breaking multilingual content app available on Apple’s iTunes.


Launching well-loved and famous Marvel comics to 2 billion potential customers via iTunes, takes nerves of steel and a super-hero translation partner. Language Connect was selected to manage the translation of 1,000 digital comic books from Marvel Comic’s back catalogue into 12 languages.

Marvel needed translations that would resonate with the local audiences and be true to the original spirit of the characters.


We did this by implementing a bespoke workflow system for 400 specially selected translators, ‘crowd sourced’ via fan-sites and online forums. Everyone was vetted, trained on the CMS and ready for action!

Working 24/7 globally to proofread and quality check each translation, we also post-edited previously machine translated work to make sure it was ready to launch. All work was integrated with the production CMS.

By creating and moderating a cloud-based workspace to centralise community interactions, collaboration, translation asset sharing and project tracking, we were able to quickly establish localised terminologies in each market.

Our specialist workforce rose to the challenge and were highly motivated through quality and productivity based incentives to meet the extremely tight deadlines.


  • 24/7 global service and production
  • On-time translation delivery within demanding schedule
  • Highly engaged, self-moderating linguist community actively contributing to the development of translation assets



In just 12 weeks, we translated more than 1,000 comic book titles, into 12 languages and around 35 million words. With the translated editions of famous titles, including Spider Man, Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor and The Avengers, Marvel is now able to extend its offering to a global audience of more than 2 billion comic book fans.


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