Physio Supplies

Creating efficiencies through translation memory

New products, new markets. Physio Supplies is a leading provider of physio and sports therapy equipment, via their own website as well as via Amazon. To grow their markets, they chose Language Connect as their language services partner to cover English, French and German.

With around 100,000 words and continuous translation requirements, we have built a Translation Memory to leverage previous translations, saving Physio Supplies time and money on each project

  • 50% cost savings via translation memory
  • Sold out warehouse
  • 91.5% uplift in year on year sales in just two months



Professional, efficient easy service – Language Connect have supplied Physio Supplies Ltd with an excellent service – quick responses to emails, quotes received within a couple of hours. The translation is always supplied well within the estimated time & best of all the translation is very professional – we have had some amazing feedback from our German customers.

In the first two months of launching our German website and populating our third party listings with translation supplied by Language Connect we had a 91.5% uplift based on YOY sales.

Would highly recommend this service – thanks Language Connect!

Charli Williamson, Physio Supplies Ltd

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